Aircell Technology

About Aircell

Aircell is a telecommunications service provider
partnered with Du in dealing with all their products and services.

We build relationships on trust and care,
empowering people through innovation and
communication. Together we make lives easier.

Aircell group is a global enterprise which comprises of four companies across three verticals with it’s reach extending across many regions with various international partners. With it’s headquarters in Dubai, the group operates in more than 3 countries, displaying formidable presence in the market. At the Aircell Group, we examine the way your business works as a whole, to help you optimize your business processes.

We believe that each of our employee is a stakeholder within the company in terms of talent, skills and the work they put in, thus we strive to engrain the ideology of ‘oneness’ to be rooted deep within every one of them so that they are driven and inspired to give their 100%. Our success as an organization lies in our focus on delivering critical solutions by understanding the root cause of the issue with an eye for both centralization and delegation.

A partner you’ll love working with

Customer Satisfaction

As an organization, the methodology and systems we employ are targeted towards an easy-to-work-with mentality and anyone who works with us will have a more than satisfactory experience while focusing our resources on customer happiness.

Experienced in Industry Standards

Our experience in the telecom and technology industry and association with a number of partners is a testament to our expertise. Simply put, we know the ins and outs of the industry , and if that’s what you’re looking for, we’d make a great team.