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Traveling for business purposes? Visiting another country to meet your close ones?
Worried if your current provider has network coverage to your place of visit? 360 Degree sim has got you covered!

Make your life more comfortable when you travel with 360 Degree International Sim Cards

We help people enjoy the hassle free experience that a global SIM card offers so that they can seamlessly use voice and data services when they travel to a different country. We have a comprehensive list of packages to choose from depending upon your needs and an equally good customer care service that keeps you covered in the case of an emergency.

360 degree sim began operations in India by being a direct sales partner for T-Mobile. As a company that started off with just 4 people, 360 degree sim has grown to an organization employing more than fifty. Through a wide range of retailers and distributors worldwide, our team has managed to add almost 3000 users every month and the number only keeps increasing.

International travellers have come to rely on global and country specific Sim cards provided by 360 which are in great demand now. We have set up a partnership scheme which allows our partners to get benefit from selling simply by helping introduce or distribute our cards around the world.

We have a base of satisfied customers who had benefited from our cost effective plans. Due to our hassle free service and support, we have loyal customers all over the world. Not to mention corporate clients and key accounts that relies on 360’s accountability.

360’s efficient team of managers and technicians with years of experience in related fields makes dealing with us ‘ a walk in the park’. We are looking for distributing partners. If you commit, 360 degree Sim sales can become a major source of revenue and an important part of your business. Earn remunerations with an unlimited earning potential.

Our current run in this industry has proved to be very successful in terms of customer satisfaction and the increasing number of network operators around the globe who are willing to work with us.

Drop us a query so that you can get started with your 360 sim. Let’s work towards a hassle free global networking experience.

The key objectives, quality and on time service is met through consistent and relentless pursuit of our team. Our goal is to become a reliable and trustworthy sim card service provider in Asia and beyond.

Our quality of support and on time response have won many customers and distributors. As communication is our main business, we believe in effective communication with our partners.

Three key segments of our business


360 has positioned travel, tourism and hospitality businesses as our key partners. Our portfolio also includes human resources, pilgrimage committees and community associations which uses our sim.


We are now in the process of setting up 360 retail outlets and kiosks in select airports and malls. They also serve as a touch point for our distributors.

Key Accounts

360 has become the choice sim provider for many corporate businesses across the globe. Owing to the ease of dealing with us, we have a line of loyal corporate clients from various industries.

What We Offer

Tired of spending money on roaming fees? 360 Degree is an international mobile service for savvy travelers to greatly reduce the cost of using a cell phone or other mobile device while traveling internationally.

Your customer flying off to New York today? We have the right country specific prepaid card for their international roaming. Be it London or Tokyo we can deliver the card to the customer before he packs his bag. The low cost-pay-as-you-go plan and lets your customer be in control of his/her expenses. It can be recharged online or he/she can choose from our partners worldwide. You can also provide them with a local number of the destination before they depart. The prepaid line offers complete control over their spending while giving them more value for money. All local and international calls are charged on as per second pulse. Hence all their calls are charged to the exact second and not rounded off to the next minute.

360’s prepaid global Sim card preferred by our frequent flyers, saves them up to 85% on international roaming charges while travelling, with free incoming calls to 165 countries. Each international sim card includes both a European and US number, with the option to add additional numbers in many other countries.
Our global Sim is a seamless call-back service. When the customer dials an international number from their phone, we process their call, connect it to the number they dialed and automatically calls them back, connecting the two ends. This ensures that the call connects through our partner networks, with great sound quality, no matter where they are. And makes it a cakewalk.

We have our direct presence in all the south Indian airports (Trivandrum, Calicut, Cochin, Kannur, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore). Apart from this our associate company is havi-ng presence in all the major north Indian airports. We can assure you a minimum of 15000 activations in a month.

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